>Might, might not.  ISTR strftime() can't correctly emulate ctime(),
>but some other format might be preferrable.  Do you have a format
>string handy?

I'd think something like what "last" does would be good.

        d_first = (*nl_langinfo(D_MD_ORDER) == 'd');


        (void) strftime(ct, sizeof(ct), d_first ?
            (yflag ? "%a %e %b %Y %R" : "%a %e %b %R") :
            (yflag ? "%a %b %e %Y %R" : "%a %b %e %R"), tm);

except you probably want "%T" instead of "%R" if you want the seconds.
You could either pretend that yflag was not set (what ache was
suggesting) or set yflag if the year of the last login was not
this year (possibly more useful).


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