Terry Lambert (who fits my arbitrary definition of a "good" cynic)
> It's a hazard of Open Source projects, in general, that there are
> so many people hacking on whatever they think is cool that nothing
> ever really gets built to a long term design plan that's stable
> enough that a book stands a chance of having a 1 year lifetime.

I could not help but notice your multiple attempts at expresing this
particular concept often, that is...an implied necessity of a book
that explains what's going on under the kernel hood. I agree that such
a book would rapidly be out of date, but I also see the necessity

So, it's time to question the assumption that the information you want
available should be in "a book".

Many websites have "annotation" as a form of ad-hoc documentation
(e.g. php.net). Why not have someone take a crack at documenting the
FreeBSD kernel, and perhaps use some annotation feature to create a
"living" document which (hopefully) comes close to describing the
kernel architechture?

If you want to track a moving target, perhaps you need to use a moving
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