> yeah, I did that already, and have been running with that since yesterday
> :-P
> still not working right though... I think it has something to do with that
> nargs thing... I'm checking that out now...
Ehh, apparently sy_narg is getting set correctly too:

struct  linux_mmap2_args {
        l_ulong addr;   char addr_[PAD_(l_ulong)];
        l_ulong len;    char len_[PAD_(l_ulong)];
        l_ulong prot;   char prot_[PAD_(l_ulong)];
        l_ulong flags;  char flags_[PAD_(l_ulong)];
        l_ulong fd;     char fd_[PAD_(l_ulong)];
        l_ulong pgoff;  char pgoff_[PAD_(l_ulong)];

#define AS(name) (sizeof(struct name) / sizeof(register_t))

{ AS(linux_mmap2_args), (sy_call_t *)linux_mmap2 }

not that it really matters, the linux_prepsyscall is setting the params to

static void
linux_prepsyscall(struct trapframe *tf, int *args, u_int *code, caddr_t
        args[0] = tf->tf_ebx;
        args[1] = tf->tf_ecx;
        args[2] = tf->tf_edx;
        args[3] = tf->tf_esi;
        args[4] = tf->tf_edi;
        args[5] = tf->tf_ebp;
        *params = NULL;         /* no copyin */

so the code in syscall2 will not even bother to try to copy in the args...
it just uses whatever linux_prepsyscall tells it to use, and completely
ignores nargs... at least as far as I can tell...


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