On 24-Apr-2002 Hiten Pandya wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am not generating a false alarm, but I compiled a fresh kernel
> yesterday with the MUTEX_PROFILING option, and it just went haywire just
> after the FreeBSD copyright messages and the build info:
>       [ Copyright Info ]
>       [ Build Information ]
>       panic: spin lock mutex profiling lock not in order list
> I had no idea how to debug this, so I am sending it to the -current list
> and cc'ing a copy to DES.  I am also attaching my kernel configuration
> file for reference purposes.

This means WITNESS is broken with MUTEX_PROFIING (I guess they were never
tested together without WITNESS_SKIPSPIN).  The fix is for the MUTEX_PROFILING
folks to add the spin lock into the spin lock order list in the proper location.


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