* Jeffrey Hsu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020425 10:50] wrote:
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> you write:
> >I am now working on locking down a socket.  (I have heard that Jeffrey
> >Hsu is also doing that, but I have never seen his patch.  Has anyone
> >seen that?)
> I have. :-)  I do coarse-grain locking at the inpcb and sockbuf level as
> is done in BSD/OS.  This is a lot simpler than locking down individual
> fields in struct socket.  Are you sure we need such fine-grain locking?

Huh?  BSD/OS's source drop has two locks in each socket and a couple
of global locks for things like the inpcb and such, it's pretty
fine grained except the unix domain sockets where a global lock is
held to protect against lock order reversals when having to lock
both sockets.

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 start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'
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