apologies for posting this for the second time, but i think the
previous subject lead most of the people to miss/skip this.

i get below after installation from a floppy, flopy boots ok,
the first real boot fails each time, with any current version i've
tested from devel snapshot to apr 22nd. ofcourse i didnt test all
snapshots between those dates, and i didnt test any previous versions.

if i need to do something further to help with this, let me know,
the machine's sitting in this state for now.

panic: bad ivar read request (4)

Stopped at      Debugger+0x40:  xorl    %eax,%eax
db> trace
Debugger(c03c241c) at Debugger+0x40
panic(c057a399,4,d7bdf070,ce4e0c00,d7c2ce00) at panic+0x70
acpi_read_ivar(ce4e0c00,d7c2bc80,4,c05aebb8) at acpi_read_ivar+0x9b
ata_pci_match(d7c2ce00) at ata_pci_match+0x918
ata_pci_probe(d7c2ce00,d7c2ce00,d7c2e780,d7c2ce00,0) at ata_pci_probe+0xd
device_probe_child(d7c2e780,d7c2ce00,d7c2ce00,d7c2bc80,d7c2e780) at 
device_probe_and_attach(d7c2ce00) at device_peobe_and_attach+0x41
bus_generic_attach(d7c2e780,d7c2e780,d6928280,ce4e0c00,1) at bus_generic_attach+0x16
device_probe_and_attach(d7c2e780) at device_probe_and_attach+0x9a
bus_generic_attach(d7c2bc80,d7bd5090,ce4e0c00,d7c2bc80,c05aec90) at 
acpi_pcib_attach(d7c2bc80,d7c2bc80,ce4e0c00,ce4e0c00,0) at acpi_pcib_attach+0x1d7
device_probe_and_attach(d7c2bc80) at device_probe_and_attach+0x9a
bus_generic_attach(ce4e0c00,ce4e0ba0,ce4e0b80,ce4b23e0,c05aecf8) at 


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