On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Brian Somers wrote:

BS>The intent is to discover whether there's a filesystem yet (vn_open()
BS>will die horribly otherwise).
BS>My use of rootdev is (obviously) flawed.  AFAICT, either rootvp
BS>or rootvnode should be used, but I can't tell the difference between
BS>the two at a glance and am lacking development resources right now
BS>(my development box seems to enjoy dropping cores too frequently to
BS>build a kernel at the moment).
BS>If somebody could test that rootvnode or rootvp are non-NULL after
BS>an NFS-mounted root is set up, I'd thankfully approve the quick
BS>fix... :*)

dlc1# gdb -k /boot/kernel/kernel /dev/mem
(no debugging symbols found)...
IdlePTD at phsyical address 0x00392000
initial pcb at physical address 0x082bdda0
panic messages:
#0  0xc017b968 in mi_switch ()
(kgdb) p rootdev
$1 = -1
(kgdb) p rootvnode
$2 = -843452416
(kgdb) p rootvp
$3 = -843452416

They obviously point to the same thing and are non-NULL (root is NFS).

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