On 26-Apr-2002 John Baldwin wrote:
> Please back out revision 1.3 of src/etc/pam.d/xdm since it breaks xdm.
> xdm core dumps with a signal 6 if there is no session management
> configured for it in PAM.  Obviously this commmit wasn't actually tested
> with xdm (at least not on X 4).  In revision 1.19 of pam.conf Mark
> Murray changed the session management for xdm to use pam_unix instead of
> pam_deny with no apparent reason why.  (The log message doesn't say why
> that change was made.)

Erm, I should finish that thought:

So perhaps it can use pam_deny or some such instead of pam_unix if using
pam_unix is bad?


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