:It currently has no swap started at all, which is one reason I was rather
:puzzled to see this panic:
:      / nfs      ro      0  
:     0
:proc            /proc   procfs  rw      0       0
:/dev/ad0s1e     /mnt    ufs     rw      0       0
:Should it even be hitting this code if swap hasn't been enabled?  I've run
:into a couple of other weird bugs and wouldn't be surprised if there is a
:memory allocation problem.  The problem I was actually trying to reproduce
:with these two crash boxes was one where the socket used by NFS get
:zero'd, resulting in a null pointer dereference.  The other one is in odd
:panic in the mutex code during an early VFS operation.
:Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Project

    The case can be hit but it shouldn't have found any swap to free.
    Huh.  Maybe there is a degenerate case in the swap code that
    blows up if swap is compiled in but no swap has been added.  If the
    problem goes away when you add a tiny amount of swap that would confirm
    it.  What is the 'swhash_mask' global contain?

                                        Matthew Dillon 
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