I burnt the iso image of 5.0-DP1-insatll.iso and tried to run it without
success. The thing is that the present version 4.5 does not recognize
FastTrak100 on my system (the system eternally thinks it has two drives
instead of one, and allows to fdisk each part of the array).
  5.0-DP1 is better in that it does not think any ordinary disks are
 found in my system (when boot up loader initiates, I see disk0, disk1,
 and disk2, though <-- one floppy drive and an array of two disks),
but fdisk says "no disks found!". The system obviously has recognized
 the presence of FastTrak100, but doesn't go any further.
  How can I get the array properly partitioned and newfs'ed before
installing the binaries from the CD?

with best wishes,

As I expect FreeBSD work solely as an NFS server, I don't need sophisticated
features of CURRENT. Can I simply copy the device driver inside 
"ata(4)" into Release 4.5 and go without using CURRENT? The CURRENT
 version of ata(4) is said to support FastTrak (the Release 4.5 says
"unknown device found on pci bus", whereas CURRENT doesn't say so).

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