On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 10:35, Ian wrote:
> > cpp0: cc: output pipe has been closedInternal compiler error: program cc1 got
> > fatal signal 10
> > 
> I have seen cc1 die like this many many times, and have only ever seen 2
> root causes for the death:
>  1) bad ram
>  2) you overclocked the cpu or bus just a bit too much

How about signal 4?  I was rebuilding my -current the other day and I
kept getting mostly signal 4 errors (in different places) with a couple
of signal 10's and 11's.  I tried finding a run-down of what the various
errors meant, but I couldn't find a thing.  The weird thing is that when
I switched terminals in KDE (i.e. opened a new Konsole window), my build
problems ceased.  Windows XP runs on the same box with no problems (i.e.
will run for weeks without a reboot) so I'm a little hesitant to blame
my hardware.


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