/-- Alfred Perlstein wrote:
| -current compiled today mp3s play too fast, any ideas on how to
| diagnose this?
| pcm0: <Intel 82801BA (ICH2)> port 0xef00-0xef3f,0xe800-0xe8ff irq 9 at device
|  31.5 on pci0
| pcm0: measured ac97 link rate at 44061 Hz

You can set a sysctl to set the ac97 link rate.  I don't recall offhand what 
it is (hw.snd.pcm0.ac97rate?) - "sysctl -a | grep ac97" will find it.

There is a calibration test in the ich code since various mfrs do funny things 
with the clock.  I'd be interested to know what boot -v output is and what 
ac97 link rate works.  This is the second box reported failing on this 

- Orion

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