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] I've read all the messages in this thread, but I'm still unclear -- are we
] talking about building the "miniperl" that Perl already creates during the
] build process?  If not, the minimal perl for building the FreeBSD kernel
] should have a different name, like:
]         smallperl
]         modestperl
]         tightperl
]         midgetperl
]         petiteperl
] or something similar.  I see much potential for confusion if "miniperl"
] means different Perl builds in different contexts.

It's really assinine (IMO) to have a non-standard third party

Either it's "perl" or it's "not perl".

The big argument here appears to be that there are a number of
CPAN modules used for writing CGIs that FreeBSD doesn't include
by default, while the perl community itself seems intent on
bloating the base perl distribution with these things... and
most everyone else considers them security risks or bloat or

Frankly, I think if anyone were honestly concerned about bloat,
we wouldn't have perl in the base system in the first place.

So let's just take the "anti-bloat" argument off the table.

That should clear the picture up considerably.

-- Terry

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