On Wed, 1 May 2002, Glendon Gross wrote:

> Out of curiosity, do only 3c509's exibit this behavior, or is this
> the core problem with 3c59x's as well?  My experiences have not
> been consistent with these cards, and I had assumed it was due
> to buggy code in the 3-Com chipset.  I've noticed flaky behavior from the
> "Vortex" [3c59x] card as well.

I would assume is the chipset, because just out of the blue redoing
negotiation doesnt seem like something that a sane driver would do.
The most probable thing is that the card interprets normal traffic
erronously as negotiation signals.

> Just now I have been wrestling with an ISA 3c509 which has
> a Lucent 40-01304 chip on it.  At first the card was detected, and
> later not detected [on a different OS.]    I vote for the fxp's as
> well, I've had hardly any problems with them.
> Is there a way to lock down the card by hacking the driver, so it won't
> try to auto-negotiate the connection?

Like I said forcing it ( with the dos config tool ) helps,
and solves the problems in most cases.
But it's pretty workable when you force both sides.

Sten Spans

  "What does one do with ones money,
   when there is no more empty rackspace ?"

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