On 23:11-0700, May 1, 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:

> Maxim Konovalov wrote:
> [ ... patch to wait for children, but do nothing with the result ... ]
> Yes.
> Why not just set the signal handler for the child process
> termination to "ignore", so that the child processes do
> not become zombied in the first place, so it's not ever
> necessary to do a useless loop whose only purpose is to
> reap zombies without examining their exit status?

There are two purposes:

a) reap zombies,
b) exit after all children have done only.

In the current implementation newsyslog(8) forks and execs gzip(1) or
bzip2(1) and exits immediately. If a log file(s) is big enough the
compress_log() process(es) will work after newsyslog's death and there
is no clear way to get know when it(they)'s done.


a) SIGCHLD signal handler: waitpid(2) loop, do not examine "status",
b) the same waitpid(2) loop before exit(2).

I do not think we need a) at all. newsyslog forks/execs all his
children and enters into the reap loop like SIGCHLD signal handler


a) waitpid(2) for a child right after fork/exec,
b) examine "status" and print an exit code.

As you see, NetBSD newsyslog serializes fork/exec and there is only
one gzip process at the same moment. We can take this way but IMHO it
will be a POLA violation.

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