> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("M. Warner Losh")
> Date: Thu 2 May, 2002
> Subject: Re: Save a few hunderd kilobytes or a few hundred perl users?

> My take on this.  We should remove perl from the base, and
> automatically install the port for most users in sysinstall, just like
> we do with XFree86.

XFree86 doesn't stomp on /usr/local (nor does the other port semi-
automatically installed via sysinstall, linux_base).

As part of the process of packaging the base system, I support the
idea of a new type of more tightly integrated package, installed in
/usr (for the core packages) or /usr/{opt,pkg,contrib}.  "ports"
would remain as they are, though (seems too late to reclaim
/usr/local if you ever want to use those...).


                Mark (sole member of the Reclaim /usr/local Campaign).

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