I am going to commit patches that convert all the mount_std consumers to
the nmount framework; namely devfs, fdescfs, linprocfs and procfs.  This
results in an ABI breakage, so you need to update your mount_std(8)
utility.  I have changed mount_std(8) to try a mount() call first, and
then a nmount() call in revision 1.13 of mount_std.c.  If you rebuilt
it since (this commit was done the 7th of April), you're safe.  If you
didn't, you will not be able to mount these filesystems anymore.

Please note that even if you updated it, you will get some warnings from
the kernel since it tries mount() before nmount().  Once these commits
are done, I'll change the order of the calls to get rid of these
warnings.  I will still keep the mount() call for some time, in the case
there are external filesystems using mount_std.

Thanks for your attention,
Maxime Henrion

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