Riccardo Torrini wrote:
> On 03-May-2002 (13:22:48/GMT) Josef Karthauser wrote:
> > If anyone has any others that they've not revealed I'd like to know
> > please.
> I don't really know if is related, but gphoto2 doesn't work with my
> camera because of different linux<->freebsd usb channel usage (i think).

I think this is the pipes problem; I think this was the first
thing in Joseph's "not working" list.  It's well enough known
that there are people passing around patches for a workaround
(not a real fix) on -hackers for the VOIP hardware.

According to the author of the patch and the VOIP drivers, it's
a problem in NetBSD that FreeBSD has inherited from having the
NetBSD framework.

Also according to the same person, FreeBSD wouldn't have support
for the VOIP hardware at all, if it weren't for Joseph's work.

Keep up the good work, Joseph!

-- Terry

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