Daniel Rock schrieb:

>My kernel war relatively recent at the time of last boot - build
>around March 2nd from -CURRENT sources a few hours before.
>If someone runs -CURRENT with default HZ of 100 and moans 247 days
>later, his -CURRENT cannot be called -CURRENT any more...
>I am now running an up-to-date -CURRENT. I have set HZ=10000, so
>I don't have to wait another 50 days. Hope this high HZ value has
>no negative impact on the test.
>I will inform you in 3 days if anything strange happens again.

I had run the kernel now for over 2^31 clock ticks and had no drifting
problem so far.
I will now set HZ back to 500 - let's see what happens in 50 days...


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