On Sat, 2002-05-04 at 13:54, Martin Blapp wrote: 
> Hi all,
> I experiment very strange problems here at the moment with
> a new server.
> Buildworld survives about 30 secondy, the errors are SIG4 (90%)
> and SIG11 (10%). And I cannot compile any important programs :-/
> I've exchanged all relevant parts:
> - Power Supply:       300W, for PIV with additional CPU supply
> - CPU (PIV, 2Ghz, 512K cache)
> - Ram with ECC correction
> - Board (Intel D845BG)
> - SCSI Card. (it happens also on ATA)

Sorry for the "me too" but...well...me too.  I don't get very far
through *any* build process before I get Signal 4 errors.  I also don't
have any optimizations set in /etc/make.conf.  The machine that is
giving me problems also has a PIV (1.6 GHz) processor.  Could this issue
be specific to Pentium IV's (I know it's a long shot...)? 

> We have these boards running fine here. And now to the strange part.
> It does not happen with STABLE.

Again, ditto.  This does not happen to me with -STABLE either. 

> This let's me beleave that this is a CURRENT problem.

I saw some other folks reporting that they were seeing the same thing on
their machines and I was just wondering:  could those machines also be
P-IV's?  Or maybe there is another common thread...?  I started with DP1
and have since been able to update my sources and build/installworld
successfully but only through sheer persistence.  The problem still


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