-On [20020504 20:15], Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>It is only here that warnings are treated as errors.
>I am thinking something in the upgrade path is not 100% thought out, trying
>to see what exactly, but my focus has been way more on STABLE than CURRENT,
>so some more exposed experience gladly received.

Of course,

the entire build complains due to WARNS being raised above 0 and NO_WERROR
has not been defined.

The only reference I can find in UPDATING is:

        Warnings are now errors in the kernel.  Unless you are a developer,
        you should add -DNO_WERROR to your make line.

I definately do not call libiberty kernel related.
Nor do we, by default, advocate NO_WERROR.  So in effect, we broke moving
from older versions to newer versions of CURRENT.

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