> On 09-May-2002 (15:38:45/GMT) Mark Murray wrote:
> >> I tryed this one.  I'm not a committer, just a volunteer  :-)
> > You're on!  Please put appropriate (c) on this (Preferably
> > 2-clause BSD license) and I'll commit it for you :-)
> Ahemm, I'm not sure to have done correct job.  Please review last
> version of this script from my site:
>         ftp://castle.torrini.org/pub/FreeBSD/spkrtest-current
> and modify if I miss or don't understand something  ;)
> Thanks.

Looks fine to me!

Thanks! Commit will come later...

o       Mark Murray
O.\_    Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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