> > Is there a reason for it, or this just a not-yet-implemented
> > feature? It certainly seems like the latter -- why make the user
> > jump through all the sorting/reordering hoops?
> Generally, this won't be necessary for properly organized code. The
> code in question is organized by software layering, right, so all you
> have to do is link the libraries in order?

In other words, your answer is: "This just a not-yet-implemented feature"?
> > = You might also want to consider using -L<path> -l<library>,
> > = instead of trying to link .a's directly.
> >
> > What would this do?
> Make it all go through the library linking code, instead of the single
> object archive linking code. a ".a" file treated as an object is not
> the same as a library.

What's the difference if all I have are the static libraries anyway?
I actually tried this, and had the exactly same list of allegedly
undefined symbols...


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