* Bill Fenner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2002-05-11 17:12]:
> This is presumably fallout from the /usr/share/mk rearrangement, but
> rev 1.306 of /usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk should fix this.

on my -current box it doesn't. The world was build last Saturday
2002-05-04, including rev 1.306 of /usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk:

  $FreeBSD: src/share/mk/bsd.port.mk,v 1.306 2002/04/19 07:43:50 ru Exp $

> Oh, hey, are the failing ports all ones that use bsd.port.pre.mk and
> bsd.port.post.mk?

no, e.g. /usr/ports/audio/cam fails and uses bsd.port.mk.

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