Well, the reason no one else encountered the problem I had was that
no one else did something quite so stupid....  :-(

I had managed to botch the sources for /bin/cp during yesterday's
build (in a misdirected effort to avoid the warnings) in such a way that
the resulting program executed with a return code of 0, but merely failed
(at least in some cases) to copy anything.

Since /bin/cp is a fairly low-level program that is just kinda expected
to work, the result was singualrly unpleasant.

I'm building the "cross tools" (which is *much* further than I got before)
as I type....

I was about to make an attempt at a humorous comment about the creativity
involved in that partictular instantiation of breakage... but at the
moment, I'm just relieved....  :-}

Here's hoping that no one else does this, or that if it is done, this might
help the poor soul to recognize, diagnose, and fix the problem.

David H. Wolfskill                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Microsoft products -- for those times when reliability just doesn't matter.

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