At 11:18 AM -0700 5/11/02, Julian Elischer wrote:
>seems something broke in the networking side of things using
>host-only networking.. vmnet1 doesn't show up any more..
>If I have a moment I'll look for it but if anyone has
>familiarity with it feel free to get there forst..
>oh yeah.. it doesn't compile any more either...

Is this something that just recently broke?  I managed to
cvsup -current *just* before the new gcc went in, and the
vmware2 port is still working for me.  However, the last
time I compiled vmware2 itself was back on April 10th.  I
do not remember any problems compiling it before, so I
suspect that is related to the new version of gcc.

If this is your first attempt to get vmware2 working on
-current, there are a few tricks to getting it to work
right which the port does not know about yet.

The main thing is to check /compat/linux/dev and see what
you have for rtc, vmmon, and vmnet1.  All of these should
be symlinks pointing back to /dev, but rtc and one of the
other ones (vmnet1?) are still done via a typical mknod.

So, first thing you need to do is:
      rm rtc vmnet1
      ln -s /dev/rtc
      ln -s /dev/vmnet1

and reboot.  Really the port should check for devfs, and
do this automatically if that's active.  I keep thinking
I should try to write a patch for that.

That should get vmware to work.  When you start a virtual
machine, you'll probably still get an error about the rtc
device.  Me, I just ignore that, because I don't need rtc
when running Win2K as the guest OS.  But somebody did post
a patch to freebsd-current which was supposed to fix that
problem.  I should dig that patch up and try it out.

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