On Friday 10 May 2002 03:35 pm, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
= On 2002-05-02 23:06, Makoto Matsushita wrote:
= >
= > Mikhail.Teterin> BTW, whatever became of the effort to make a
= > Mikhail.Teterin> wrapper called mount_mfs?
= >
= > See mdmfs(8). It was been there since Jun/2001 (about 10 months
= > ago).
= By casully skimming through the text of mdmfs(8) I don't see how it
= could be used to mount an MFS filesystem from fstab though :/

It could be -- by making a mount_mfs a symlink to mdmfs. That was the
compromise agreed on :-\

However, the entire md things is lacking one important feature of the
the old mfs. Mfs was using virtual memory, subject to the general memory
management by the OS. md will use either a the real RAM (malloc type) or
the swap (swap).

This is acceptable for many, but not for all. I, for example, don't have
a dedicated swap partition to list in the fstab -- I use the Windows'
swap file^ (pagefile.sys) instead*. This is also in the /etc/rc.local, so
when the /etc/fstab is processed during boot there is no swap at all and
mount_mfs-ing fails...


^This should be offered by sysinstall if the dual-boot configuration is
detected at the install time. Also, why can swapon(2), or, at least,
swapon(8) automaticly handle swapping onto files?

*Since md replaced another system -- vn(4), I'll mention another missing
feature -- /etc/vntab. I suspect, one has to be a long entrenched
veteran of the FreeBSD project to be allowed to push out features
(vnconfig, mount_mfs) without providing _complete_ replacements first.

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