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> found the bug: -Os compilation seems broken with gcc-3.1. I normally 
> [...] I know any other optimization than -O isn't supported but this bug 
> (either in libalias or in gcc) should be investigated.

I can narrow it down *much* further to exact small test cases.  FYI,
there are 8 C failures in the gcc 3.1 testsuite for FreeBSD/i386:

        4 involve -Os (Quite sorry I never got around to fixing them
        before the release; I don't usually do per-CPU fixes but I
        could have requested help from the people that do.)

        4 involve -Wformat checking not working in all cases (vfscanf
        only and then again only when not using the proper system
        headers; the test cases attempt to declare the prototypes).

There are 2 C++ failures (only one of which is seen without linking
against -lc_r); neither are extremely important.


FreeBSD/alpha is looking almost as good (more libgcj failures)


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