> When i try to compile Vlock from ports, i get:
> cc -O -pipe   -DUSE_PAM -c vlock.c
> cc -O -pipe   -DUSE_PAM -c signals.c
> cc -O -pipe   -DUSE_PAM -c help.c
> cc -O -pipe   -DUSE_PAM -c terminal.c
> cc -O -pipe   -DUSE_PAM -c input.c
> input.c:64: security/pam_misc.h: No such file or directory
> input.c:67: `misc_conv' undeclared here (not in a function)
> input.c:67: initializer element is not constant
> input.c:67: (near initialization for `PAM_conversation.conv')

vlock's PAM handling is written for LinuxPAM. There's some icompatibility
issue with OpenPAM which I didn't look much into but it helps to remove
USE_PAM. You don't have to tell the vlock you're using shadow passwords
because FreeBSD's getpwent(3)  returns password to the program run by root
automatically. To run the program as root you must make sure it's owned by
root and has suid bit set (or always run it as root). This easily may be
security hole if there's bug in the program.


Michal Mertl

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