Thanks for posting your Thinkpad T23 configuration.  A lot has changed with regards to 
kernel configuration from STABLE to CURRENT. 

The outstanding issue with the Thinkpad T23 in CURRENT is still the S3 SAVAGE video 
card.  I've had two folks mail their working XF86Config files (used in STABLE) to me 
and they still do not produce resolution above 1024x768. 

It appears that the problem is because the video card is not being
recognized by the pci configuration (as noted by non0@pci1:0:0:). I'll try
posting this on the current and multimedia mailing lists to see if anyone
has an idea.

pciconf -l -v 

none0@pci1:0:0: class=0x030000 card=0x01fc1014 chip=0x8c2e5333 rev=0x05
vendor   = 'S3 Incorporated'
device   = '86C583 SuperSavage/IXC SDR'
class    = display
subclass = VGA

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