On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 01:16:23PM +1000, Bruce Evans wrote:
> > > 4.x i386 and old 5.0 i386 can no longer produce current 5.0 alpha
> > > worlds due to the lack of atoll(3) in libc.  This patch fixes it:
> >
> > Considering how simple src/lib/libc/stdlib/atoll.c is; lets ask RE for a
> > MFC.
> That wouldn't actually fix the problem, since it would only help for
> bootstrapping 5.0 from very recent versions of 4.x.

Personally I do not mind requiring latest 4-STABLE to build -CURRENT
(either for cross or simple `world').  I think that is all we can
officially support.  I know RU wants to be able to upgrade from say 4.1 to
5-CURRENT.  I think that is a nice thing; but if it is going to be a
requirement it should become an officially stated one.

The only fix is to import all of libiberty and create a config.h that
implies Version 7.

> The problem is the usual one with committing files generated by
> autoconfig.

It would be the same problem without autoconf, the code could have been
written only the the 5-CURRENT API.

> This gives a configuration that might only be valid for the host
> machine that ran autoconfig.  Cross-compiling of even portable
> cross-compile-aware sources like gcc is broken by this.

I personally believe we should build GCC in the normal manner, but this
is no longer my decision to make.

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