> What do you think about doing a little more polishing and rolling a new
> set of patches taking this /etc/rc.conf option into account?  Your kernel
> env dhcp variables are really good.

i was thinking of adding something like this to dhcp:

        option FBSD.rc-conf "";

and bootp can then tftp/nfs the file and parse it, making the result available 
via kenv
and there is no real problem to concatenate serveral conf files - just comming 
with a nice/simple syntax :-)

as a proof of concept, there is no major problem to tftp this, but only from 
host, to make it realy flexible there is one major obstacle, the stand alone 
io has to be
modified/augmented/complicated to have more than one socket. so,
        1- is there a market for this?
        2- is this a bad idea?
        3- any work done already? 


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