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> > [putting anti-flame on]

s/on/suit on/
> To invite a normal discussion you should at least provide the
> following information:

Well, I expected people to look at the port, but I'll provide more
information here.
> - What `rclean' is for?

rclean provides a command-line tool to order and clean content of 
rc.conf, using option order from /etc/defaults/rc.conf and printing only 
choices that were different by the default value in /etc/rc.conf.
Output is customizable from "only used values" to "full listing".

WWW: http://www.lapo.it/rclean/

> - Why do you think it could be useful in base system?

Well, that part is more personal, but I think it could remove the
tendency people have of complaining about the current /etc/defaults
scheme. There has been a few threads about problems arising when
/etc/defaults/rc.conf was getting updated. I think rclean might help
solve those problems, in the same spirit mergemaster helps managing
configuration file changes.

> Your assumption that the list readers know answers to those two
> questions (or would care enough to dig for the answers by themselves)
> is incorrect and entitles you not to flamewar but to "ugh, what this
> is all about?" reaction from their part and likely to the complete
> lack of any discussion at all as a result.

I wonder what's best after all. ;)

I must admit I was being a bit blunt by just challenging people to put
this in base, somehow assuming everything should go in. In other
words, the question is:

"Why should this go in base?"

rather than:

"Why isn't this in base?"

My apologies.


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