Bill Fenner wrote:
> gcc 3.1 simply defaults to unsigned chars.  127 << 1 = 254; 254 / 2 = 127.
> My machine is too slow to test this expeditiously, but I'm trying
> adding "#define DEFAULT_SIGNED_CHAR 1" into freebsd-native.h .

I will bet today's lunch money that you have found it for sure.

I guess we will have to go around adding "signed" everywhere, if
it's no longer the default.

Unsigned is a stupid, counter-intuitive default, and has been,
ever since I first used AIX.

My bet is a conspiracy by AIX folks so that Open Source software
will work on AIX without them having to fix their stupid defaults.

8-) 8-).

If this isn't the default, then "signed" is too much like "const"
and "volatile" and other "you can't ignore them or I will generate
bad code" keywords.

-- Terry

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