On 15-May-2002 Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The kernel overflowed it's stack.  In SRM, you can try to debug this
>> by using 'e sp' to get the stack pointer then get a stack dump and save
>> a copy of it in a log or something, reboot the machine, then use gdb's
>> list command on the kernel.debug to figure out the source:line for all
>> the kernel-text addresses in the stack dump to figure out the backtrace.
> How do I get a stack trace? I can't get the 'examine' command to
> actually print anything...

It depends on which machine actually. :-/  First do 'e sp' to get the
stack pointer.  Then you want to do something like this:

e -n 100 <value of sp without any leading 0x>

if that doesn't work then try:

e -n 100 vmem:<value of sp w/o leading 0x>

This should basically do a raw memory dump.  However, see if phk's
daddr_t reversal fixes it first.


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