On 05/17/02 10:27, Riccardo Torrini wrote:

> I manually mount nfs fs after a reboot (current -> stable) and
> if I do a "df" I got two different output.  First time it get
> garbled, all other times it is aligned.  I'm alone?

I looked at the df code because I was intensely curious how this could
happen.  It obtains the list of mounts using a NOWAIT flag, and NFS mount
info may not be available immediately so it doesn't get included in the
field width calculations.  Then later it re-gets the list of mounts using a
WAIT flag (unless you used -n on the command line) so this time it has the
info from NFS filesystems, but it doesn't recalculate the field widths.  The
following patch should fix it without breaking other behaviors, I belive.

-- Ian

--- df.c.orig    Fri May 17 11:30:55 2002
+++ df.c    Fri May 17 11:31:39 2002
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
     rv = 0;
     if (!*argv) {
         mntsize = regetmntinfo(&mntbuf, mntsize, vfslist);
-        if (vfslist != NULL) {
+        if (!nflag) {
             bzero(&maxwidths, sizeof(maxwidths));
             for (i = 0; i < mntsize; i++)
                 update_maxwidths(&maxwidths, &mntbuf[i]);

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