* Kenneth D. Merry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020517 22:40] wrote:
> I have released a new set of zero copy sockets patches, against -current
> from today (May 17th, 2002).
> The main change is to deal with the vfs_ioopt changes that Alan Cox made in
> kern_subr.c.  (They conflicted a bit with the zero copy receive code.)
> The patches and the FAQ are available here:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~ken/zero_copy/
> Comments, questions and reviews are all welcome!

jumbo_vm_init() has a bunch of bugs

first it doesn't work right if called concurrently.
you need to protect the initialization of jumbo_vm_object otherwise
bad things can happen.  my suggestion is to store the results of
vm_object_allocate into a temporary, grab the mutex and then check
to see if jumbo_vm_object has been initialized again if it has then
free the object, otherwise store the allocated object into the
global and continue.

you may not call malloc(9) with M_WAITOK while holding a mutex.


entry = jumbo_kmap_inuse.slh_first;

I'm sure that should use a list macro.


That's all I see off the bat. :)  Looks cool though.

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 start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'
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