On 2002-05-18 23:11, Benjamin P. Grubin wrote:
> Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> >
> > [ The above should print in stdout just 01777 as a number. ]
> > ...
> > Does anyone know of any other (possibly more elegant way) of
> > reading the numeric value of the permission bits for a file?
> Is [t]csh's `filetest` builtin viable here?

Ah, very good hint.  Unfortunately even with -P: I can't get the
`special' bits like sticky, etc. as I can see:

        $ /bin/tcsh -c 'filetest -P: /tmp'

and mergemaster.sh uses this as an argument to `install -m num' to set
the mode of installed files :-/

- Giorgos

[ That was a VERY good hint, BTW.  I didn't know about `filetest' and
it seems a rather useful feature of tcsh. ]

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