At 6:14 PM +0200 5/19/02, Riccardo Torrini wrote:
>If exists a directory named "sort" tcsh chdir to that dir instead of
>executing sort present in path (and no, I have no "." anywere in path)
># pwd
># find . -name Makefile | sort
># pwd
># cd ..
># find . -name Makefile | /usr/bin/sort
>And it also happen with non existent commands:
># pwd
># find . -name Makefile | libreadline
># pwd

I tried to reproduce this problem but it worked fine for me.

# pwd
# find . -name Makefile | sort

This could be due to something in your .cshrc file. Try this:

# tcsh -f -c "find . -name Makefile | sort"

the -f flag will prevent sourcing the .cshrc file.


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