Hi all,

I'm a FreeBSD veteran, but -current newbie.  I can't seem to install it
on my laptop.  I've downloaded the developer release, and several
current.freebsd.jp iso's, and for every one, they won't recognize my
cdrom.  It is a UDJA710 according to my -stable dmesg.  I am using a
triple boot hd, Win2k, -stable, and hopefully someday -current on
ad0s3.  I also have Plug and Play turned off in my bios.  Is there a way
to print out that dmesg from the iso boots?  I'm sure thats the only way
you can help.

I also tried installing via FTP, but after connecting to an ftp server,
it claims not to be able to download any of the components.  I get an
individual error message for each component of the install.

Thanks,  Rob. 

The Numeric Python EM Project


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