On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 03:37:26PM +0200, Bernd Walter wrote:
> ~Stopped at      siointr1+0x174: br      zero,siointr1+0x2dc     <zero=0x0>
> db> ps
>   pid   proc     addr    uid  ppid  pgrp  flag  stat wmesg   wchan   cmd
>   338 fffffe0007450b10 fffffe000746c000    0   229   229 0000000  3  newbuf 
>fffffc0000578cd4 sshd

> This happened with source from today on alpha (PC164/ev56).
> I had not enough space for a crashdump and will add a new disk later
> today.

How got the values that low?
This is a 256M PC164 current from today
[62]cicely9# sysctl vfs | grep dirty
vfs.numdirtybuffers: 8
vfs.lodirtybuffers: 8
vfs.hidirtybuffers: 16

This is on a NoName running 11th may -current with only 64M:
[52]cicely10> sysctl vfs | grep dirty
vfs.numdirtybuffers: 5
vfs.lodirtybuffers: 132
vfs.hidirtybuffers: 264

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