A little more digging in the CVS logs, it looks like it was, in fact, MFCs
to 4.x:

date: 2001/12/15 20:03:52;  author: alfred;  state: Exp;  lines: +51 -5
MFC: 1.6
sendfile wrap fix.

but, in January, things were reverted in 5.x, but never reflected in 4.x?

revision 1.7
date: 2002/01/22 23:35:09;  author: dg;  state: Exp;  lines: +0 -11
Undo the work-around for the sendfile bug where nbytes needed the hdr/trl
size added to it in order for it to work properly when nbytes != 0.

Reviewed by:    alfred
MFC after:      3 days


On Tue, 21 May 2002, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> I'm looking at getting a threaded Apache working under FreeBSD-STABLE (as
> of this past weekend) ... if I start up the server and connect with a
> browser, it doesn't send anything back, *except* if I kill the apache
> server right after the connection ...
> I've checked with the Apache folk, and someone pointed me to the STATUS
> file, where I found:
> ============
>     * Generate a good bug report to send to the FreeBSD hackers that details
>       the problems we have seen with threads and system calls (specifically
>       sendfile data is corrupted).  From our analysis so far, we don't think
>       that this is an APR issue, but rather a FreeBSD kernel issue.  Our
>       current solution is to just disable threads across the board on
>       FreeBSD.
>       MsgID: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>         Status: Fixed in -CURRENT.  MFC in about a week.  Continuing
>                 testing with threads on FreeBSD.
>                 FreeBSD PR kern/32684:
>                   http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=kern/32684
> ==============
> Reading the PR, alfred put a fix in place shortly after (~mid December of
> 2001), but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this was migrated back
> down to -STABLE, and, if not, what would be involved to have that done?
> Is it a fix that *can* be MFCd?

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