>Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 20:04:02 +0000
>From: walt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Buildworld stops in "stage 2: cleaning up the object tree"
>while trying to cd to a missing directory :-/

>Each time I try another buildworld it gets thru an additional
>directory--as if each time thru it's creating the directories
>it claims it can't find when it halts.  Weird.

>Anyway, if I just rm -rf /usr/obj and make obj and then
>go back and do a make buildworld -DNOCLEAN it all works okay.

>Anyone else seeing this?

Aye; saw it -- blow away /usr/obj/usr/obj (as in "rm -fr") and try

Worked for me, anyhow.

david       (links to my resume at http://www.catwhisker.org/~david)
David H. Wolfskill                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Trying to support or use Microsoft products makes about as much sense
as painting a house with watercolors.

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