Martin Kacerovsky wrote:
> On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 11:22:43AM +0300, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> > sys/consio.h header installed on your system is too old. You need to
> > do a fresh `make world' and rebuild/reinstall your kernel - it's the
> > only way to do vidcontrol upgrade properly.
> I don't understand, I have CVSUPed the whole tree and rebuilt the kernel,
> after boot when I launched vidcontrol it said me unapropriate ioctl ...,
> so I've decided to rebuild it from the same tree as kernel, so IMO the
> sys/consio.h is the same version as vidcontrol is, isn't it?
> I don't understand why I must build the whole world, if only vidcontrol
> has problems with the new kernel. (The "old world" is snapshot
> 5.0-20020302-PREVIEW).
> Maybe I don't understand, because I am stupid, but I thought making new
> world is neccesary only when upgrading from -stable. I thought that in
> that snapshot the world already is 5.0, so it isn't neccessary to rebuild
> it all.
> If I am wrong (99.9% probability), be so kind and correct me or at least
> "show me the right way" (drop some links).

You are seeing this because you didn't follow proper upgrade
procedure. Each time you are rebuilding your kernel from the freshly
cvsuped sources you need to do make world as well, because in FreeBSD
kernel and some utilities in the base system are tightly integrated.
Therefore you can't use September kernel with August world, and
vice-versa (actually you can, but then you will see the problems like
this one or even worse). Rebuilding only problematic utilities from
the sources isn't going to help you either, because without make
world, your set of C header files in /usr/include/sys describing
kernel interfaces remains outdated, so that compilation would either
fail or doesn't produce any sensible results.

I believe that there is a chapter in the FreeBSD Handbook about doing
source upgrades properly - please check it out. Handbook itself is
available from the site.


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