On Wed, 22 May 2002, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, mark tinguely wri
> tes:
> >on Tue May 21 13:07:13 2002, Trish Lynch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> >
> >> femme:~$ passwd
> >> Changing local password for trish
> >> Old Password:
> >> passwd in free(): error: junk pointer, too high to make sense
> >> Abort trap
> >
> >does your log file have a swap space exceeded error? If so, restart
> >your inetd.
> That answer doesn't make sense...
> see malloc(3) for more info.

Yeah exactly, BTW, the patch for this issue is currently at

DES has been notified by juli.

It was the location of the free() that was an issue, it now works for me.


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