At 7:02 PM +0300 5/22/02, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
>The upgrade instructions found in src/UPDATING and src/Makefile.inc1
>are not quite correct.  Suggesting to reboot with the new kernel
>and non-matching userland is safer than opposite of course, but
>does not always work nor guaranteed to work at all.

If you only boot into single-user mode (so you're not running all
the daemons), then what programs would not work?  So far I have
never run into any problems.  I should admit I'm generally less
than a month "out-of-date" when I do a new buildworld, so not all
that much has changed.  I know that programs like 'ps' or 'top'
will produce the wrong results, of course, but I would not expect
any catastrophic problems should happen.

Much more important, to me, is to catch the cases where the new
kernel does *not* work, and I definitely have run into those
cases.  When a problem like that happens, at the time I find out
about the it, the only change I have made is to install the new
kernel.  At that point it is pretty easy to back out of the problem.
If I do the installworld before booting up off a new kernel, then I
would definitely be in trouble when I realize the new kernel does
not work on my hardware.

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