On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 02:33:56AM -0700, Shizuka Kudo wrote:
> It seems /usr/bin/make set the environment variable
> MAKEFILE to the Makefile it uses. So when you type
> make build or install, MAKEFILE is pointed to the
> port's Makefile. Workaround for me at this moment is
> to run "make build MAKEFILE=Makefile" so that
> bsd.ports.mk use the correct Makefile in WRKSRC.
> Is the behaviour in /usr/bin/make changed recently?

No. This is old behaviour and I filed a PR for it many moons ago.
I have replaced all uses of MAKEFILE with MAKE_FILE in all the
makefiles that set it (and changed bsd.ports.mk as well of course)
The problem is more visible if you set WRKDIROREFIX.

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