Seth Hettich wrote:

>I'd be interested to know if any other -current users with a
>G200 AGP are having problems.
Not a G200, but I have a G400 AGP in my system along with a 3DLabs 
Permedia 2 (PCI, glint driver) and a NVidia Riva 128 (PCI, nv).  This is 
on a -current system supped right before the gcc 3.1 import with XF4.2.

The Matrox provided (mga) driver works fine for me with both multi-head 
and Xinerama.  I'm currently using old-school multihead since Xinerama 
seems to slow it down a little bit (purely perceptive measurements here, 
I have no scientific evidence one way or the other).

I was using DRI for a while, but had to turn it off due to being a bit 
unstable.  3D acceleration worked for me, but after a while (usually 
within a day or 2), X would just lock completely.  No number lock, no 
switching virtual terminals, nothing.  The machine was still up -- I 
could ssh in -- but the console was totally unusable until I rebooted. 
 I'm not sure if it's a driver problem or simply bad cooling on the card 
(I had to, uh, MacGuyver the heatsink into staying on :).  Haven't had a 
problem since I disabled DRI.


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