At 02\05\24 14:52 +0200 Friday, Georg-W. Koltermann wrote:
 >I got a couple of kernel panics recently, some of them "buffer not
 >locked". I would like to know how I can get more information out of the
 >The system's gdb does not like the dump format any more, see also
 >bin/38236.  There is an advertised workaround in that pr of using gdb52,
 >but I couldn't get that to work ("not a core dump: File format not
 >Am I missing something? How do you guys read your dumps?

There are online articles on how to get and read kernel panic dumps, at
these webpages. Also I copy parts views the articles.
    System Panics, Part 1: Preparing for the Worst (21 March 2002),
      by Mr. M. Lucas

Add: options DDB makeoptions DEBUG=-g to config file.
A large enough swap file is needed for the dump.
Specify in /etc/rc.conf:  dumpdev="/dev/ad0s4b", the dumpdir may be
specified to be /var/crash.
Read savecore(8).
    System Panics, Part 2: Recovering and Debugging (4 April 2002)

savecore(8) should copy a dump of the crashed kernel to /var/crash and
created files kernel.0 and vmcore.0.

gdb -k kernel.0 vmcore.0

Craig Carey

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