How about this?

../../../vm/uma_core.c:1324: could sleep with "process lock" locked from 
../../../vm/uma_core.c:1324: could sleep with "process lock" locked from 
Stopped at      breakpoint+0x4: leave
db> trace
breakpoint(e8760c00,c01f5bb6,c03669a0,c03669ae,e8760be0) at breakpoint+0x4
Debugger(c03669a0) at Debugger+0x49
witness_sleep(1,0,c0379e91,52c) at witness_sleep+0x178
uma_zalloc_arg(c081d3c0,0,4) at uma_zalloc_arg+0x46
uma_zalloc(c081d3c0,4) at uma_zalloc+0x10
malloc(20,c03bb760,4) at malloc+0xa1
uifind(2) at uifind+0x5f
change_ruid(e8733b80,2) at change_ruid+0x38
setuid(e86f6d50,e8760cf8) at setuid+0xf9
syscall(2f,2f,2f,8058380,12) at syscall+0x299
syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b
--- syscall (23, FreeBSD ELF, setuid), eip = 0x280b3a0b, esp = 0xbfbff71c, ebp = 
0xbfbff748 ---

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